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How much does an international adoption cost?

It is a very sad fact that inter-country adoptions are becoming more and more expensive. There are many costs of which you may not be aware.


 Inter-country adoption is expensive. It shouldn't be, but it is. But these costs must be countered against not going through with an adoption. How much will it cost you if you do not become a parent? If you will never feel that love of a child trusting in you completely? What will it cost you never to hear the cries of joy of a child running downstairs on Chistmas day?  The benefits of becoming a parent are priceless. 

If I am ever stuck on something I always ask myself "How will you feel about this on your death bed?"  I know that sounds a bit morbid, but it does put things in perspective. When dying, are you going to be happy of the choices that you have made?  I believe one should not have any regrets in life.

Things may be hard, you may have to make sacrifices, you have to let somethings go, but it is so worth it. To have the love of a child is worth everything.



How much does an adoption cost?

 It does not cost anything to adopt a child.  Adoption of children is a gift - you only pay for those that help you to receive this gift.

The Home Study is now costing between £4000 - £6900, and depending from where you adopt agencies fees are between £15 to £40 thousand. The Department of Education charges £1775 and your visa to bring your child home costs up to £1000. These figures do not include travel and accommodation and other expenses.  Some countries e.g. China are government to government and the costs are minimal, with others you may be looking at spending about several tens of thousands.  So any opportunity to save money and find short cuts is most welcome!


There is a saying that you can never afford anything until your really want it, and that is definitely true for international adoption. You do need money to adopt but that is weighed against a childless future. For many, coming to inter-country adoption, they have already been in the IVF cycle and finances have already been stretched. Fortunately, the costs of an overseas adoption are spread out over a few years, so it is not a huge lump sum in one go.


Inter-country adoptions are expensive because there are so many people involved. It is said that there are at least 150 people, from lawyers to civil servents, involved in the chain of international adoption. Each of those persons are professional and are rewarded for their service. Throughout this website I will give to you tips and explain short cuts that you can make to save money.  Little things, like knowing you should make three original copies of your dossier, could save you thousands.


But to even be considering bringing a child home from overseas, you need a fair chunk of money.  An adoption will take approximately 3 years, so you will not need all the money up front, but you need to be able to get your hands on it over the years. 


Will you be able to afford it?


I am a single mom who was working freelance, and if I could do it then I think anyone can!  We offer lots of tips and places where you can save money.


Here is an idea of costs involved, so that you can be aware of the odd things that come up which you haven't thought of. For example, I needed a Power of Attorney for my representative in Russia, so that he could act on my behalf. This document was then notarized £50, legalised £19 (now £60), couriered to Russia £42, picked up and taken to MoE by representative £26 for his time, translated £28, Russian notarization £8. A total of £173 only for them to reject it and issue us with their standard Affidavit outlining the exact working  that they need - translated into English £25 and the whole process over again.  So my one letter, my Power of Attorney, all up cost £371.


It is these expensive mistakes that International Adoption Guide will prevent you from making. 


It is important, though,  that with all this spending you do not lose sight of the final outcome - your child!


I remember once waiting in the queue at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, when it was in Pall Mall, thinking that I am spending all this money on the adoption and nothing for my child. Seeing that my number was about 90 minutes away, I headed off into Covent Garden and into a designer shop. For the first time, I allowed myself to think of my little child. "Too hell with the expense", I thought!  I am about to spend £300 on paperwork let the little boy at least have some clothes!!  I am glad that I did, as the idea of him wearing these clothes kept me going during the long wait for his court date.


Hidden costs


At the beginning of the adoption process you have no idea about the costs that are going to come your way. I outline here some examples of the areas in which you will be spending money: 


ADMIN, Phone calls, Courier, Photocopying, postage, stationary, books,Medical forms, Computer,Internet, Home Study, Report, Consultations, Information days,Preparation course, Panel, Post Placement reports, LEGAL FEES, accountants letter, Doctor, Medical, translator, representative, Notary, IA Doctors, Appostille, lawyer, letters from professionals, visas, air fares, hotel, transport, interpreters, psychiatrists, driver, food, Internet cafe, orphanage gifts, Gifts for Carers, Directors gifts, Child's passport, entry visa, birth certificate, court fees, Adoption Certificate, Photographs, toys/clothes, court interpreter, Court fees, UK birth certificate, Lawyer etc


I have put together a comprehensive budget book outlining the various costs involved from several adopters experiences which you will be able to download shortly. 


Financial help available?

  Unfortunately, the attitude towards International adoption here is the UK is nothing like our US cousins.  Here our government is charging us, there  their government gives a tax rebate of over $10000 on each adoption. Median wage for those with professional degrees in the US in the region of $80 000  (£51400) and here it is around £30000. There a Home Study costs between $1000 and $3000  (£640 to £1900) and here it is from £5000 to £6500. So we are the ones who need the financial help!  And yet there is none available. 

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