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Blog of news, views and events IS this in the best interests of the child?

I am just venting. I have no idea what is going on in this country when it comes to adoption. It is in the hands of people who, quite frankly do not understand anything. The constant negative dialogue that Social Workers and agencies blurt out intercountry adoption is not only appalling but it is criminal. Just today this is the converstations that I have been having:

"We started the process…

India - eases up regulations for passport applications for adopted children

Government liberalises policy for adoption by foreign couples

Kenya ban revoked

 Kenya Notice: Expert committee formed to review adoptions procedures; National Adoption Committee authority revoked

On February 20, the Government of Kenya published Gazette Notice 1092 in Volume CXVII-No. 17 of the Kenya…

Kazahkstan to invest in adoption


Orphanages and adoption has become a sore spot of the child protection in Kazakhstan for a number of reasons. In spring 2014, a Kazakh lawmaker Dariga Nazarbayev suggested closing down all 184 institutions involved in the care…

Not looking good for Indian adoptions

New Delhi, Mar 8 (PTI) A Parliamentary panel has shot down a proposal for inter-country adoption of orphans, asserting that such an option may be resorted to only when there is a problem finding suitable prospective adoptive parents within the country.

Strongly objecting to the proposal of a legislation introduced in Parliament last year…

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Adoption News

India - eases up regulations for passport applications for adopted children

Published - Mar 26, 2015

Kenya ban revoked

Published - Mar 12, 2015