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Criteria for adopting from Vietnam

Vietnam does not permit adoptions from nations that they do not have a bilateral agreement with. There are however exceptional cases, where British families may adopt from Vietnam.

Adoption from Vietnam was suspended for all foreign nationals in January 2003, unless their country had a bilateral agreement relating to inter-country adoption.

At present (and for the foreseeable future) there is currently no agreement between the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

However since  August 2006 Vietnam will accept applications from British nationals wishing to adopt Vietnamese children only in  the following exceptional cases:

If you

  • have been living, working or studying in Vietnam for at least six months
  • have a spouse or parent who is a Vietnamese citizen or of Vietnamese origin (Vietkieu)
  • have a relationship with the prospective child’s family or have already adopted a sibling of the child.

If those wishing to adopt a Vietnamese child do not meet the above conditions, they can still apply to adopt a child with disabilities or a serious illness.

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