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High number of adoptions from China

China leads way on US adoptions

China Daily, April 18, 2016

China remains the United States' most accessible source of adoptions from overseas, thanks to an efficient system and strong oversight of orphans, according to two experts. 

They spoke as the number of foreign adoptions…


Oh I get so annoyed when I read things like this: 

"While adoption can provide security for a child, it can also have serious implications for the child's sense of identity. For this reason, we pursue adoption within a child's own country, when it is in their best interests and when the child has no known family or cannot be reunited with them."


7719 people applied to adopt from India

New Delhi, Mar 10 (PTI) 7,719 people have registered for adoption till March 4, 2016, Rajya Sabha was told today.

2836 Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) have opted for male child, 2724 for girl child and 2159 have not specified any gender, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi said citing the…

There are very few children in the UK to adopt


Adopting a child in Britain: It's hell - but not for the reasons you think

Congolese wait is over

Congolese children to join U.S. adoptive parents, ending 2-year wait

Read more | Comments (0) | Feb 25, 2016

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Adoption News

Why UK has low Inter country adoption numbers

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