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Views on international adoption issues

Consultation on DCSF charging for their services


What I should be doing right now is filling in the Consultation on the DCSF wanting to charge £1775 for their services for processing a Certificate…

Internationally Adopted Children Thriving


17 December 2009

Internationally Adopted Children Are Thriving, Study Shows
By Jeffrey Thomas, Staff Writer,

Washington — Even as the latest figures show a continuing multi-year decline in the number of U.S. children adopted from other countries, a U.S. government survey released in November finds that most of these international adoptees…

Open Adoption

Children-in-need a commodity?

It seems that there is nothing as controversial as inter-country adoption.
I have been in this world for over 8 years now - as an adoptive parent, creator of adoption support group, as advocate. I have read everything I can get my hands on, spoken to hundreds of adoptive parents and dozens of adoptees, attended lectures, organised conferences etc., etc. and even now, I am still discovering…

No children in the UK available for adoption


No children in the UK available for adoption

How many times have I heard prospective adoptive parents telling me that they have been told this? So many times. We don't have any children for you, we will not be able…

Horrific reports about Irish Institutions

Listening to Radio 4 at the moment and the horrific stories of children who were placed in the institutions in Ireland and the dreadful abuse that they suffered. The Ryan Report outlines events in details. It is a disgrace - the whole complex system that was privy to what was going on behind the doors of those institutions to those little children and who did nothing. I feel such moral outrage -…


Thank goodness for the medical profession. In the whole adoption process doctors are the only one's who seem to understand things from both the parents perspective and the child's needs. Walking today in the park with an international adoption doctor the 'hot' topic of social workers telling infertile potential parents that they need to use contraceptives…


Saturday, 24 January 2009


One of the members of our Russian UK Adoption (RUKA) group has just become a Mama. She is in Moscow at the moment and has taken custody of her son for three days…

We've done it!

Hurrah! After 5 years, 11 months and 14 days for me and 4 years, 8 months and 3 days for my son we no longer subjects of the state and are once again autonomous individuals.
At last our adoption is finished, completely and totally and utterly.
No more social…

The numbers of inter-country adoptions declining

The FT published this article this morning on the decline of inter-country adoptions:

And my comment:

Mmm, Bulgaria has not closed inter-country adoptions as stated and Romania allows inter-country…

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