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Views on international adoption issues

A Guide to Child Care Law in the UK

A Guide to Child Care Law in the UK


Child care law in the UK is an extremely complex field which is constantly changing. We take a look at the sensitive area of care proceedings, explaining…

Abuse in orphanages

How can abuse be tackled within institutional care?

Sep 24, 2014 05:20 PM

Holy Moly Ghana this is not a solution!


In daily danger, being abused, lost, insecure. This is madness and I hope the international adoption community comes down on them.

Shocked and so sorry for those poor children.

Gov’t closes down 89 orphanages

Some 89 orphanages have been closed down by the government as part of moves to discourage further setting up of homes in the country.

Life after the orphanage

Worldwide Orphans: Warriors in the Fight Against Loneliness

Worldwide Orphans: Warriors in the Fight Against Loneliness

Adoption disruptions

Adoption disruptions a secretive, misunderstood trend

Winnipeg author goes public with his family's adoption struggles in new book.

By Donna Carreiro, CBC News

Adoption challenged my idealism


The craziness of the adoption process

I have just had a lovely conversation with a very brave woman who is embarking on an international adoption on her own. She reminds me of myself all those years ago.

I wish that I could have imparted to her the wisdom that I gained from that experience - it is hard, complex, confusing, will take over your life and you will be given misinformation - this I think the biggest thing. She was…

Ignorance of journalists

Orphans Under the Radar

The Blog

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Adoption News

Why UK has low Inter country adoption numbers

Published - Mar 23, 2017

Nepal to begin process to ratify Hague Convention

Published - Mar 14, 2017