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Welcome to the International Adoption Guide

A vital resource that simplifies the inter-country adoption process, giving you the confidence to successfully create your family through international adoption.

We believe every child has the right to a family and international adoption is the best choice for some of the 214 million children living without parental care in the world today.

We want children to grow up in loving homes and we honour you as a prospective adoptive parent in your quest to give love and security to a beautiful child in need.

We need your help to get our non-profit international adoption agency GiFT, to the next level. We need to raise £21800 before 20 July to give homes to 200 orphans in the next few years. Please help! To find out more information please click here.

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Successful adoptions into the UK

Inter-country adoption into the UK is more popular than we are led to believe. There are over 3000 children who have found their forever families in the UK.

Thinking of adopting internationally?

To be an adoptive parent is the most wonderful, challenging, rewarding experience in the world!

All you need to know

Do you know that there are 700000 children in Russia needing loving homes? Do you want to know what it feels like when you first meet your child? Are you curious as to the health of children from Ethiopia? Do you know what RAD is? Can you give a home to a child in need? Find all the answers to all your questions here.

Next steps

I have created the website to give everyone an opportunity to get an overview of what is involved in an inter-country adoption. The more nitty-gritty details, the access to Q & A, the opportunity to contribute to the forum, being kept up to date with e-mail alerts and to receive a montly newsletter then please join our community here.

My personal international adoption story

Decorative photo for My personal international adoption story

16 months after my first phone call I was holding my future child in my arms!

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