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Welcome to the International Adoption Guide

An excellent service that connects you with your child. We simplify the inter-country adoption procedure, guide you in the process, support you and give you the confidence to successfully create your family through the love of international adoption.

We believe every child has the right to a family and international adoption is the best choice for some of the 214 million children living without parental care in the world today. 

We are here to help and to guide you in your parenting dreams and provide the support, encouragement and empowerment for you to successfully copnnect with your child and become a mum and dad. Through our website, private consultations and our Personal Adoption Plan - we make the road easy for you, so that you can confidently navigate the system and bring your child home in the most effective, efficent and econonical way.

Please call 08444 157 827 today to see how I can help you begin to bring your child home. We only work with a handful of couples a month, so we can provide you with best personal service.


This is Elena, she was abandoned at birth. She lives in an orphanage in Bulgaria

We are in the process of developing GiFT Adoption Agency (Growing International Families Together) because I don't want to see any children growing up in an orphange and with GiFT we will have the power to match you with a child like Elana so she can have a chance to lead a normal life.

If you would like to help little Elana, and other children like her, to find a loving family please click on the button below!



Call 08444157827 today to find out how you can start the process to bring your child home.

 Statement on international adoptions from Nepal

 We are all troubled by images of children affected by the devastating Earthquake in Nepal. It is estimated that nearly 2.8 million Nepalese children have been affected in some way by the earthquake. Of these there are a very large number who have been separated from their families and thousands more who have no parents, or family, to take care of them.
 It is very natural to consider adoption of these children who have been affected by this disaster. Unfortunately international adoption from Nepal is not possible at this time.
  • First of all the UK Government  placed a suspension on adoptions from Nepal by British Citizens in an Order that came into force on 3 May 2010. This was in response to the 2009 Hague Bureau report that called for Nepal to make reforms to its process. Nepal made these changes but UK still has this Order in force and has not reviewed it.
  • In a situation of crises it cannot be assumed that unaccompanied children have no living parents or extended families that can take care of them. Most agencies will prioritize efforts to reunite children with their families in Nepal.
  • The UN Guidelines on the Alternative Care of Children states that until all efforts have been exhausted to trace families, no action should be taken to hinder family reintegration. Adoption, in this case, could be considered a hindrance.
Agencies will be working to locate families and will be looking after children in the long run. They sometimes offer child-friendly spaces that protect both accompanied and unaccompanied children, meant to keep children safe.
These though are sort term measures and the best that you can do to help the orphaned children of Nepal is to write to your MP and to ask them to lift the ban on inter-country adoption from Nepal, so that at least, in the future a handful of children will have a chance to lead a normal life and be given love and security that they deserve.





Successful adoptions into the UK

Inter-country adoption into the UK is more popular than we are led to believe. There are over 3000 children who have found their forever families in the UK.

Thinking of adopting internationally?

To be an adoptive parent is the most wonderful, challenging, rewarding experience in the world!

All you need to know

Do you know that there are 700000 children in Russia needing loving homes? Do you want to know what it feels like when you first meet your child? Are you curious as to the health of children from Ethiopia? Do you know what RAD is? Can you give a home to a child in need? Find all the answers to all your questions here.

Next steps

I have created the website to give everyone an opportunity to get an overview of what is involved in an inter-country adoption. The more nitty-gritty details, the access to Q & A, the opportunity to contribute to the forum, being kept up to date with e-mail alerts and to receive a montly newsletter then please join our community here.

Threre are hundreds of successful international adoptions into the UK

Decorative photo for Threre are  hundreds of successful international adoptions into the UK

Inter-country adoption into the UK is more popular than we are led to believe. There are over 3000 children who have found their forever families in the UK.

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